Impact 5: Saving your home, Take Root South Florida

For so many families, life is a daily struggle.

Karen Lanthier has heard the stories first-hand.

A housing counselor, Lanthier has helped countless families navigate the housing crisis.

It is difficult. Often complicated.
"We have a great majority of people who have been unemployed or underemployed and that has had a terrific impact on the way they've been able to manage their finances," she said.

Help is out there. But it's often hard to find.

It's where Take Root South Florida comes in. It's a non-profit that has set out to help families and stabilize neighborhoods.

"This really is the 911 for the housing crisis. This is the call you make to get help," said Suzanne Cabrera of the Housing Leadership Council.

Take Root kicked off Thursday morning as some of the biggest names in housing gathered.

There were banks, lenders and businesses.
It works with a simple premise.
"For one thing, we're giving reliable information and really taking the confusion out of the programs that are out there. It's one call. It's one source to get all the help you need to save your home," Cabrera said.

It's that easy.

A single phone call to 211 that puts tens of thousands of families in touch with the help they need.

According to Lanthier, "There are reputable places they can go. There are free services for most families."

Lanthier has seen the struggles. "It's really going to help a lot of people who have been misinformed."

Help that can turn things around.

Take Root South Florida, click here   bitly link:

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