How two elementary school kids are shocking onlookers

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Kepa Mendia and Kai Canubida are two best friends, living on the same block together in West Palm Beach.
Like most kids their age, they are full of energy.

"Every time we go to the beach or whether we go to the skate park, Kepa and Kai will roll in and people just kinda take a first glance and they are like…I wanna see this!"  Kepa's dad, Peter, said.

While other kids are inside playing video games, Kepa and Kai are outside practicing what they love to do the most, and getting quite good at it.

Peter Mendia says "They'll come up and be like how old is he, and you tell them how old he is and you tell them how old he is and their like…six years old? They start to scratch their heads going…WOW!"

These little guys have grown up around the ocean and surfing.

It's in their genes. Kai's dad,  Craig grew up in Hawaii and Kepa's dad Peter, is an accomplished professional surfer, who gets paid to tour the world surfing exotic locations.

Kai, now 8, took right to the water when he was only 5 years old!

Craig Canubida recalls "He just tapped me on the shoulder and he said, ok dad I'm ready. I said, ready? Ready for what? He says I'm ready to surf, so I pushed on his first wave and he went down the line and ever since then he's been surfing."

They also love to ride skateboards

Whether it's surfing or skating, the two proud pops are looking ahead, and keeping the future phenoms on the right track.

"If he wants to go professional, if he gets real good…I'd be more than happy to support him. But school's first right now in his life, and I think he needs to do good in school." Craig said.

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