How did John Goodman tamper with an ankle bracelet

How an ankle monitoring device works

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sergeant Walter Lawrence and Deputy Manuel Castillo showed how the ankle bracelet works for those on house arrest.

The sergeant said a tracking device the size of a small box is placed inside the house. "This is the device that sends the violations orders to us, and we can also communicate with it, via a text message. It's a 2 way tracking device.
The person on house arrest wears an ankle monitor. The two devices work together to keep track of where the person is located or if the bracelet has been tampered with.

"What generally happens in the these situations, what they will do, is cut the band with a pair or scissors or a knife. There are fiber optics that run down the center of the this device. When it is cut, it separates and generates an alarm," said Sergeant Lawrence.
The Sheriff's Office said this is what John Goodman did. "He actually destroyed this device by beating it with some type of object. We believe it was a mirror in the bathroom,  but there were paint transfers on top of the device and on the sides and he split it right down the side here and actually opened it up."
The system sent an alert within seconds. "I have been doing this for 12 years, Deputy Castillo for 6, and we have never seen this until last night, " said Sergeant Lawrence.

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