Home buying tips: Online website 'Home Hub' helps homebuyers

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - A South Florida family working together in the real estate industry is pooling its knowledge online.

The Zuckermans have seen the market boom and tank in their eighty eight years in the real estate business. "I've been through this before, not as bad and serious as this one, but I've been through it before," said Mel Zuckerman, who has been in the business since 1947.

The Zuckerman's created a website called HomeHub.com to help homebuyers with one of the biggest investments they will ever make. Through four generations, the family has sold thousands of homes across the country, including many in South Florida. Now, their experience is available at your fingertips.

"Everybody starts their home shopping on the internet, where they want to live, the price range they're in," said Mel's son, Steven Zuckerman.

So, the family worked together to bring their company to the 21st century. "I really just wanted to get our knowledge, our eighty eight years of experience out there. Because it is such a tough time in the real estate market, people are scared and don't know what is going on," said Ryan Zuckerman, Mel's grandson.

'Home Hub' is the online guide to buying real estate. The site lifts the veil on buying a home with information about real estate agents, mortgages, home warranties, market values and the steps in between, including  how to negotiate a purchase. "Most buyers have no idea what to offer," said Steven Zuckerman.

One feature on the site: the mock negotiator tool will tell you based on market conditions if you're offer is too high or too low. "Eventually you'll get to a happy medium and you've bought a home online, although not real, just pretend," said Steven Zuckerman.

The Zuckermans want to educate the buyer -- the way they've been learning from each other over the years.
 "I can lean over to my father in the next office who has been through this in the seventies and prior to that for advice."

More information: http://homehub.com/

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