High winds, hail threaten several states today

The same system that brought baseball-sized hail to Nebraska and Iowa is now moving to the Midwest and Mid-South.


The potential for severe weather is targeting an area from southeast Missouri to western West Virginia. A smaller threat exists in the Central Plains.


Here's the catch -- Tuesday's severe weather system is still moving along as it slowly dies down. This will stabilize the atmosphere right where the potential for severe weather lies.

The million dollar question becomes whether or not areas along the Ohio River from Illinois to Ohio will see enough sunshine after this system moves through to destabilize the atmosphere enough for thunderstorm development.

If not, the Midwest and the Mid-South are in the clear.

If the sun makes an appearance, however, all bets are off.

The biggest threat with any severe weather this afternoon will be strong damaging winds in excess of 58 mph.


Large hail is also a possibility, especially in Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Northern Tennessee.


An isolated tornado is also a possibility in the same general area.


If the atmosphere becomes unstable enough, look toward southern Illinois and western Kentucky this afternoon for initial thunderstorm development. From there, the storms will move east through the late afternoon and evening hours.

In the Plains, the threat for severe weather is smaller, and we'll likely see a few isolated cases of strong winds and hail as opposed to a more widespread outbreak like we saw yesterday.

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