What's new with flu shots this year

West Boca Raton - Emily  DeJonge is getting her yearly flu shot. The ER nurse says she hasn't been sick for the past three years.

"The times that I have gotten it, if I have gotten flu symptoms it has only lasted 24 hours or less and it hasn't been a full blown flu," said Emily.

The flu season officially begins in October, when thousands of people will be trying to get their flu shots. What's new is that these flu shots will be able to fight several strains of the flu.

Instead of fighting three strains, it will be able to fight four. Dr. Ramon Vidal with West Boca Medical Center said, 

"We've gotten a bigger variety of the viruses influenza a, the H1N1 in 2009 and one in 2012. Because we have more exposure to these viruses the vaccine would have these ingredients and we get a bigger amount of vaccine."

Dr. Vidal says now is the time for adults to get their flu shots and children the flu mist.

"I personally think if you are immune compromised or you have diabetes or cancer, again, or medical problems, you should definitely get a flu shot. If you are older than 65 you should absolutely get it," said Dr. Vidal.

Emily does not have a low immune system, but says she is not taking any chances. "The first opportunity that it's offered, I get it."


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