Voluma XC: The first filler to get FDA approval in years helps restore facial lines

Technology made Michelle Gordon think she might need a little facial perk up.

"What I'd like to improve are the lines here," Michelle says as she points to her cheeks.  "So when I Facetime my family I don't have to see those lines because that's what I stare at."

Michelle hopes that in minutes she'll be staring at smoother skin. 

She's at the office of Dermatologist Kenneth Beer. 

She's trying a filler called Voluma XC. 

It's the first to get FDA approval in years.

"It's the first new product in a really long time that you can really do injectable face lifts," Dr. Beer said.

"As we age, the tendons and ligaments stretch and the fat pad drops.  We can use Voluma to pick it right back up."

Dr. Beer says the big plus of the filler is that it lasts up to two years. 

That's up to three times longer than other fillers.

That's a big reason Michelle agreed to have the injections.

"If you have to have it done every 6 months, it's expensive and as you're aging you want to keep your face so every 6 months its expensive.  If it lasts longer you aren't spending as much," she said.

Dr. Beer says the other benefit of it is that patients can see results instantly.

"Right away, you can see the difference," Dr. Beer said.  "It's not sunken anymore, It's now much more restored."

It took just one peek in the mirror for Michelle to see the change.

"Oh yeah.  Totally different!" Michelle said.  "I can Facetime tonight!"

Voluma costs about 30 percent more than other fillers, but since it can last up to two years, you're saving money by not having to visit the dermatologist as often.

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