Unsafe sleeping situations are often blamed for the suffocation deaths of children

In Florida, it’s not drowning, but suffocation that kills more children than anything else.

Often, unsafe sleeping situations are blamed for the suffocation deaths.

In 2013, 160 Florida children died as a result of unsafe sleeping, sometimes the tragic cases involved co-sleeping.

So far in 2014, 33 Florida children have died.

It’s why last September, the state launched a “Safe Sleep” campaign aimed at trying to reduce the number of these preventable deaths.

One Florida mom who lost her six-week-old baby girl shared her story in video about what happened.

Her name is Sherkendra.

She says she went to bed one night with her baby in bed with her.

She woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t see her daughter.

When she turned on the light, she saw her wedged in the bed.

“The first thing I saw was her feet,” Sherkendra said. “They were on the edge of the bed. She flipped over and when I pulled her out she was blue.”

Sherkendra now works with the state’s Safe Sleep campaign to help keep what happened to her family from happening to anyone else.

A recent survey by Safe Kids Worldwide and American baby found 96 percent of moms say they know the rules including putting baby to sleep alone, on his/her back in a crib. 

But only 66 percent of the moms surveyed say they follow the advice.

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