Training the 'visual brain': A program that may help children with autism and others

BOCA RATON, Fla. - When Stacey Shafran found out her son, Ben, had been diagnosed with autism, she was devastated. "You go from hoping he'll be a professional to hoping my child would speak and live independently," Shafran said. 

Ben, too, struggled to understand. 

He couldn't understand why projects took him weeks, instead of hours, to complete. 

Then Stacey heard about the Dr. Cheri Florance and the Boca Brain Institute. 

Trained and working with the National Institute of Health, she has worked with hundreds of children with autism and ADD. 

She discovered that Ben was a highly visual thinker-with a communication disorder. 

According to Dr. Florance, he had problems in verbal attention-memory-processing.  

Highly visual thinkers tend to run in the family tree... and that was Ben's case.

Ben has been working with Dr. Florance for a year--and has gone from being a struggling student to winning the high achiever award for his class at the end of the last school year. 

Free educational materials are available to anyone making a request on her website.  

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