Surgeon General Boris Lushniak calls skin cancer 'major public health problem'

For the first time, the surgeon general is calling skin cancer a major public health problem and says the cases keep multiplying.

The surgeon general released numbers that show 63,000 new cases of melanoma every year.

Experts said it could be because more than ever society promotes being tan as looking better, skinnier, more relaxed and more beautiful.

But if you want that look, using a spray tan might be the safest way to bronze your skin.

While some other forms of cancer are seeing a decrease in numbers, melanoma cases keep increasing.

Doctors are trying to figure out if that means more people are exercising outside, playing outdoor sports, sitting on the beach or using tanning beds.

The report says ultraviolet radiation exposure from indoor tanning is "completely avoidable."

It also says individuals of all skin colors should minimize sun exposure, including using sunscreen and hats as much as possible.

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