Shopping cart accidents injure 66 kids a day

Children under 4 most likely to be hurt

You might not think a shopping cart could be very dangerous for a child, but research released this year shows an average of 66 children a day go to emergency rooms because of shopping cart injuries.

Most of the injuries were to children under the age of 4. Most injuries were head wounds.

“The shopping cart is made to carry your stuff not your children,” said David Summers, the Trauma Nurse Outreach Coordinator for the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.

He has seen several children with injuries from shopping cart accidents.

He believe one safety issue is how carts are designed

“The design of carts is around the high center of gravity,” Summers said. “When you add a car seat or a child into it, it throws off the equilibrium allowing it to tip over easy and less control of the cart itself.”

The industry adopted voluntary standards to make shopping carts safer in 2004, but those changes did not result in fewer injuries.

Safety experts want to see those standards strengthened.

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