Saquella Caffe: Boca Raton restaurant will get you moving

His treadmill has attracted quite a following

BOCA RATON, Fla. - In the heart of Boca Raton there's a lot of noise coming from one small café and it’s brewing a lot of conversation.

The new treadmill upstairs has attracted quite a following.

"It's in a spot that everyone can see it," says Avi Sekerel, owner of Saquella Caffe.

Customers get free Wi-Fi, a free workout and a healthy alternative to chew on. Something rarely seen next to any lunch menu.

"It's not a replacement for a gym, it's actually a great way to be on the move," says Sekerel.

"It's nice and private up here, there's a lounge, you can hang out, online shop and drink your cappuccino," says customer Catherine Cox.

She walks off her meals three times a week and loves it when she's on the move and catches people looking.

"Constantly, yes all the time, it creates a lot of attention up here," says Cox.

That's exactly what Sekerel wants. Stir it up a bit and take the menu to another level so more people move in the right direction.

"Egg whites, healthy, no preservatives, to fit this into the mix of the restaurant is really the perfect mix," says Sekerel.

He got the idea after he bought an office treadmill and thought why not put one in the restaurant.

According to a recent study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute for every two hours you sit in front of a computer or TV, you raise your risk of lung cancer by 6%, colon cancer by 8% and endometrial cancer by 10%.

The study covered four million people including nearly 70 thousand diagnosed with various cancers.

The research found no link between sitting and other types of cancers like prostate or breast cancer.

Sekerel is happy to do his part to get customers to move around.


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