New option for migraine sufferers without pills

Headband newly approved by FDA

JUPITER, Fla. - A bad headache can ruin your day, but it’s worse for migraine sufferers.

Beth Alpert says she often gets more than a dozen migraines in a month.

"You sit in a dark room and try to sleep," Alpert said.

It’s how she has fought the onset of migraines when they stop her in her tracks.

But she’s been on the search for another option. She’s concerned about taking too many prescription drugs and has always been on the lookout for new options.

That’s why she was excited when this spring the FDA approved a new product, a high-tech headband.

She tried the product on at the Jupiter office of Dr. Robert Friedman.

“It feels like a mild shock, like pulsating,” Alpert said when she tried it on.

We checked back in with Beth after she tried it for a month..

Thursday at 11 p.m. on Newschannel 5, learn how it worked for her.

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