Now that it's working experts show you what to expect once you get an account working but still glitchy

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The government still isn't saying how many people have signed up for health insurance two weeks after the marketplace opened. Website issues are improving, but there are still critics. Former White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, said people should be fired over the delays with . is working better, but it's still glitchy. Now, the real task begins -- figuring out how to navigate the site and picking a plan.

Peter Quinones has health insurance, but it's running out in January. He went on to but didn't get far.

"I was able to get in, but I didn't get the information that I wanted," Quinones explained.

Quinones went to Legal Aid for help,and it's one of the first appointments because the agency is also having problems.

"It's still very shaky," said licensed navigator John Foley.

Foley has only had access to the plans for a few days. He spends four hours a day learning to navigate

Foley said the sign up will be slow.

It took him an hour to create an account, enter his financial data, and pass a security credit check.

"That's the biggest complaint we had. People saying they can't get their identity verified," Foley explained.

Until you verify your identity, you can't see the plans. There are dozens of plans to choose from in each medal level.

"There are wide variations in these silver plans where the premium will go from $300 to $600," Foley explained.

Those estimates are without a subsidy.

Filters help you narrow your choices, but when Foley tried he got a blank screen.

"It's a tedious system of looking through this," Foley explained.

Here's five things to consider:
1. Premium price
2. Deductible and out of pocket maximum
3. Network of doctors
4. Prescription coverage
5. Plan summary.

Every plan works differently.

"People are going to be on a budget so you want to make sure you get the most efficient use of your premium dollars and how that's paid," Foley explained.

Quinones hopes he has those answers soon so he can begin planning for 2014.

"I don't know how much it's going to cost, but hopefully it's not too expensive," Quinones said.

If you're getting help signing up for coverage, experts suggest you sign up for an account before your appointment.

While the system is still slow, don't wait until the last minute or you may not be covered January 1st.

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