and Affordable Care Act off to slow start; error messages when you try to sign up

Pres. said 1 million tried to sign up before 7 AM

WEST PALM BEACH - Americans can now purchase health care coverage through new insurance exchanges, but the launch wasn't without hiccups.

Daniel Casey captures moments in time for Daniel Casey Photography . If you look back at the snapshots of his life, photography wasn't in the picture until he lost his construction job and his insurance in 2006.

I'm struggling to make my mortgage. Now I'm going to be forced to pay another bill," said Casey.

To find out how big that insurance bill will be under the Affordable Care Act, Casey sat down with Legal Aid. They didn't get far.

"The system is down," Casey read off the computer screen.

The system has been overwhelmed all day. The President said a million people tried to access the site before 7 AM.

"I'll give it another 25-30 minutes. If it doesn't kick in I'm opting out of healthcare from the government because it's not worth the waste. I see it as a pure waste. Ohh. Maybe they heard me. It's doing something," Casey said as he watched the computer screen change.

The screen went blank for a few moments When the page loaded, a garbled message appeared.

"When I see a bunch of question marks on a government site it leads me to just stop," Casey explained.

"It's a partial to full outage," said Alan Crowetz of Infostream.

Crowetz said it appears there is a server issue. The government can't support the demand.

"Should they have been able to? Yes," Crowetz answered.

The President compared the problems to some of the problems with the latest Apple products. I can tell you from covering both issues that there is more frustration over this issue because there is such a lack of information.

Many of the experts who are supposed to help you sign up still haven't seen the website or the plans.

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