Experts say don't feed your kids too much junk food

Could processed foods affect your child's IQ?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Five year old Jadon loves fruits and his veggies. That's why shopping with mom is a treat. They don't rush through the aisles-- instead they walk around looking for healthy foods for Jadon to eat. His mother Bonnie Gannett said,  "I notice he concentrates better, he is more focused. He is more focused on what it is he is doing."

Researchers studied the eating habits of 4000 kids at age 3. They were tested five years later. It was published in the Journal of Epidemiological Community Health. Those who ate high processed foods had lower i-q scores. Those who ate whole foods scored almost two points higher.

Palms West Hospital Clinical Dietitian Cindy Kepler told NewsChannel 5, "Well it seems what's really going on is those processed foods are a lot more fat and sugar and they don't have a lot of nutrients. So, the issue is the ones that are eating more nutrient dense foods which is what is correlating to the better I.Q."

How do you transition your kids from eating lots of junk food and processed foods to eating healthy foods? Kepler said it's all about planning ahead. "Just a little bit of planning, everybody thinks it's going to be so much work and I have three kids so. It is a lot, the mother works, working all day but there's no planning. It doesn't have to take a lot of planning and just in making little changes, making changes of not so many sweets drinks."

Some parents like Yamirka Machin are doing just that.  "We write a list, and we eat lots of fruits and lots of whole grains and vegetables and encourage natural yogurts."


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