Exercise can lead to higher GPA, says study

We all know there are physical benefits of exercise, but new research suggests it may also make us think better too.

A study looked at college students and results showed a powerful link between those who had fitness center memberships and those who received good grades

The study was done by Michigan State University researchers who looked at nearly 5,000 freshman and sophomores.

They found that students who were members of the gym or involved in recreational sports during their first two years in college went on to have higher GPAs overall by nearly 0.13 points.

And beyond high grades, those who had memberships were less likely to drop out of school than those who didn't.

This study looked specifically at college kids in those two measurable ways. 

Researchers say the study supports the theory that by creating connections between students and an institution, like a university recreational facility, you can see an increase in academic success.