Doctor: Men plan vasectomies around March Madness

CLEVELAND - Experts say the number of men getting vasectomies jumps by 50 percent this time of year and they admit it's all to enjoy the big NCAA games while they recover.

Dr. Stephen Jones, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, said he's very used to a full book during the big dance.

In fact, he said he now plans more appointment openings around March Madness. That's because Dr. Jones sees more men this time of year who want to get a vasectomy, so they can recover while watching the games. 

"At least half of the guys I have scheduled for later in the week acknowledge they are here specifically for that reason," Jones said. "In fact, the guy this morning said that ‘Absolutely, that's why I'm on the schedule for Friday.' This was my first consultation with him, but as soon as I asked him about it he was a little sheepish to recognize that's why he's off work that day."

"It's private and they also are a little bit nervous about the fact that either their wife or their boss knows that's why they chose that one day to be out of work," Jones said.

Jones pointed out that getting a vasectomy is perfectly safe, the procedure takes only about 5 to 10 minutes and the pain is very minimal.

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