Cigna raises questions about subsidy calculations; government denies problem

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Day two and the problems continue with .  Users are still struggling to create an account to view policies and calculate their subsidy. We also learned there may be a problem with the subsidy calculations, but the government denies there is an issue.

Throughout the day, we got messages saying there were a lot of visitors to the site. Even when we were transferred to the account creation and login page, we had problems.

At 10:30 AM, the security questions were blank.

At 2:30, we were able to choose among different security questions and provide answers. We created an account and even saw the word "Success." We waited to be taken to the next screen, but ended up with a server and error message. The only option at that point was to start over again.

We logged back in, and this time our username and password were invalid.

While Health and Human Services official said people are creating accounts and the website does function properly, the Consumer Watchdog also learned you may not be able to rrely on the subsidy calculations.

"What the Cigna management team told us Friday was that they had access to the site for several weeks and every time they went to run the information to determine if a person was entitled to tax credits or not they got different and strange answers. In other words, the whole system is not meshing together properly yet," said agent Dennis Lentin of DL Consultants.

Cigna said in a statement, "Currently the website isn't working and CMS is not able to provide accurate subsidy information."

Federal officials are disputing the subsidy problem.

A Health and Human Services employee said, "Consumers have worked through the application process and are receiving eligibility determinations. We are confident that these are accurate and we will be doing checks to ensure that this is the case."

Agents like Lentin say they are being told to give it a few weeks.

"They told us that we should forget about October 1st, we should assume November 1st because it is going to take a minimum of two to three weeks to get this system complete and running and then whatever going to appear need to be worked out," Lentin explained.

Legal Aid said it's hoping the bugs are worked out next week, and it's now scheduling enrollment appointments starting Monday.

Until is fully functional, you can go to the individual insurance carrier websites to view the possible plan options. You can begin browsing the plan options, and checking to see which plans include your doctors. If you are eligible for a subsidy, you won't be able to calculate your discount.

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