Caregivers and loved ones with Alzheimer's

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - According to the Alzheimer's Association, more than 5 million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer's. The organization predicts by the year 2050, 16 million people will have the disease.

Linda Bollbach is not alone.

"When I first came here I was pretty angry, I was angry at the disease. I was angry, why isn't anybody helping me," she says.

Linda says at first it was hard coping with her mother's Alzheimer's.
But she found a place where her mother could spend time with other seniors.

Linda said, "We got her into the Gardens (Alzheimer's Community Care) it has been a God send for us."

Karen Gilbert with Alzheimer's Community Care told NewsChannel 5, "The numbers will increase. We have an aging population we've conquered so many other diseases and life expectancy has so increased that we will see more diagnosis not only for Alzheimer's but for neuro-cognitive disorders."

She believes it's important for seniors to stay active, physically and mentally. It can improve the quality of life.

"In many cases it can slow the progression of the impairment and also help to maintain their abilities to take care of themselves in terms of eating, dressing and so on," said Karen.

For Linda, it's hope that her mother will have a full life.

"It keeps her active, it keeps her mind active, it keeps her body active and it's a blessing," says Linda.

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