Breakfast, lunch critical for students' success, says doctor

With the new school year around the corner, doctors say it's important that parents make sure their kids are getting the fuel they need to last through the school day.

Medical Expert Dr. David Soria says it all starts with parents making sure their kids are getting a good breakfast.

"Breakfast is very important because that's what's going to fuel their mind and their body to help them focus and to help them really make sure they really have the energy until lunch time," Soria says. "That's the only food nutrition they're going to get that morning."

When it comes to school lunch, Soria says parents need to turn to healthier options.

"Anytime you can replace some of the snacks, some of the cookies, some of the junk that we eat with two things, either whole grain or wheat products or fruits and veggies, you are doing yourself a favor," Soria says.

Soria says parents should steer clear of sugary drinks like soda or juice.

He says parents also need to find a way to make healthy eating fun.

"If they see something fun they are going to eat it," Soria says. "Use colors, use berries, red, and green grapes, cut up some dried mangos, some apples some oranges."

Parents need to get creative in what they pack and how they pack it.

"If you put a full orange in there that needs to be peeled, the likelihood is that it's going to be used for the next food fight," Soria says.

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