7 breakfast tips for faster weight loss

Research has shown that if you're trying to lose weight you need to make smart morning meal decisions. Here are seven research-backed tips to help you do that!

If you want cereal for breakfast in the morning, try picking a cereal with bigger flakes, according to Women's Health. A new study from Penn State showed that smaller flakes caused people to consume more calories since the cereal was denser than cereals with larger flakes.

What if you don't like flakes for breakfast? Try eating oatmeal instead! Oatmeal can fill you up more and cause people to be less hungry all day.

The next tip is to eat more oat bran. While oat bran may not be your number one breakfast food, studies have shown that it's full of fiber and keeps you fuller for longer.

Another way to prevent cravings during the day is to have a bigger, healthy breakfast. A large breakfast full of calories in the morning could mean more weight lost. A recent study showed that those who ate more calories in the morning lost almost two and a half times the weight than those who consumed more at night. This is possible due to the fact that your metabolism is more efficient in the morning.

Take advantage of the efficient morning metabolism and stock up on protein. Consuming protein in the morning can also fend off cravings. A protein filled breakfast can be healthy and cause you to be less hungry throughout the day.

Another healthy breakfast item you can try are eggs. Eating two eggs in the morning can lead to a more effective weight loss than if you were to consume a boat-load of carbs. Eggs are packed with protein and can improve the nervous system and cardiovascular health.

The final tip for a healthy breakfast to lose weight is to add peanut butter to your toast. Peanut butter makes you feel fuller.

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