2013 flu season outbreak: Some South Florida clinics running out of flu shots

Clinics running out of flu shots

Jessy Collazos has one sleeve rolled up, ready for her flu vaccine. Her friends already got the vaccine. Now it's her turn. She said, "Because I think it's important."

Two years ago, she was hit hard by the flu, and doesn't want to go through the illness again. "You don't want to work, you just want to stay home."

A few minutes after Jessy got her flu shot, she was ready to go back to work at a dental office.

Dr. Philip Miller at the Helix Clinic in Lake Worth says in his 37 years of practice, this flu season is one of the worst he has seen. "I was on a physician's blog and we were talking about the epidemics in different states and I don't think Florida is exempt, especially Palm Beach County.  I have been in practice a long time and have not seen an epidemic quite severe as this."

For Jessy, it's a relief she could avoid getting the flu.

"I have to take it seriously. Everybody is getting sick, it's getting worse, so I think it's important doing it."

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