Gun at school: District will notify parents, but not sure when

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Schools have the ability to notify parents of events through automatic phone calls, emails and letters sent home. So far, none of that has happened after a loaded gun was brought to Palm Beach Gardens High School on Friday.

Palm Beach County School District says a 17-year-old brought a loaded .22 caliber gun to school Friday.  It was discovered in the presence of 2500 students when the student was searched after being involved in a fight.

Barbara DeCavalcanti, a parent of a junior at the school, said, "I do think the school should have notified people.  Because I think it would save people from being alarmed."

DeCavalcanti's son is the third child in the family to attend the school. At the time of the incident, her son was in a nearby classroom. DeCavalcanti says she is happy with the school and feels her son is safe. Like all parents, she learned what happened Friday from the news media and her son's accounts. 

The school has not notified her.  It is something she would have liked to hear directly from school administration.

"Maybe tell people we did have it under control, your student wasn't in harm," she said.

Monday, more than three days after the gun was discovered and the student was arrested, the district says, parents will be told, but they are not sure when. 

District Spokesperson Nat Harrington said there's no set policy on notification for these types of issues.

"Principals handle these things on a judgment basis. No two situations is ever alike," he said.

The principal says no students were in danger at the time of the incident, so there was no immediate reason to notify parents.

Harrington said, "At this point, I think parents have what they need.  It may come off as.. as.. not quite required at this point."

Harrington emphasized that the sensitivity of the investigation put the brakes on telling parents.

"The investigation is still wide open, and what do you say? I mean, the media is running what it ran, and so the very information that we gave to you guys is, for sure, parents already have that information," Harrington said.

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