Growing controversies for growing e-cigarette industry

Businesses must decide about bans

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The E-Cigarette industry is fast growing. With its growing popularity is growing controversy.

The practice commonly known as vaping comes with few restrictions.

The manager of Boca Vapes has decided on some self-imposed restrictions.

A sign outside the Boca Raton business says they do not sell to anyone under 18.

“We just think it’s good policy not to sell to minors,” said April Davis.

It’s not against the law for someone under 18 to buy e-cigarettes now, but a proposed state law would change that.

E-Cigarettes are also not part of Florida’s indoor smoking ban.

Still, Davis says she limits where she vapes.

“For the most part, out of politeness and courtesy, because I use an e-cigarette, I normally will stick to places where smoking is allowed,” Davis said.

Boca Vapes customer Jasmine Levy doesn’t follow the same rules.

“I smoke it inside my job, I smoke it sometimes when I'm grocery shopping, I smoke it everywhere,” Levy said.

Area businesses are now debating whether to include bans on e-cigarettes in their smoke-free policies.

Janiece Davis, the tobacco prevention specialist for the Palm Beach County Health Department thinks it’s the right move for businesses.

“They are viewed as tobacco products so we do suggest that you incorporate that into your smoke-free policy as well,” Davis said.

The Palm Beach County School District is one entity that has included e-cigarettes in its policy.

Back at Boca Vapes, April Davis accepts that regulations are coming to the business that she runs. E-cigarette smoker Levy though hopes to keep her freedom to vape where she wants.

“I actually think in the future businesses will allow it to be there,” Levy said. “Because it's not second hand smoke, it's water vapor.”

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