Grinch steals Christmas from West Palm Beach family

Stolen outdoor decoration family's treasure

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - "There were special beads on them and special made by my grandmother's hands." Cheryl Pixley proud to show off her grandmother's Christmas tree.

Over the weekend Cheryl and about a dozen family members decorated the house in memory of their grandmother, Eleanor Sharkey, who died two years ago. Cheryl said, "This is the time of year that she wanted, she outdid herself completely. The polar bear that she had, we kept it in the family for quite some time."

But the heartache of loosing her is more painful, after realizing Tuesday morning someone had stolen a few inflatable decorations on display in the front yard-- inflatable penguins and a lighted polar bear.

The family says having three of the four penguins stolen was bad enough, but what made things worse was the polar bear was stolen and that polar bear has sentimental value. For almost 10 years the polar bear was on display for the 18 grand children.

Family member Candace Ruscoe said, "It takes a really scum bag person to steal something like that. And I know that nobody knows the sentimental value behind it, what it means to us as individuals, but I  mean it's Christmas and everybody believes and you don't have to believe, but who would steal Christmas decorations right off of somebody's property, that's horrible."

The family filed a police report. Meanwhile, Candance and Cheryl hope the Grinch who stole their Christmas will find it in his or her heart to return what the family treasures.

"It's really sad for everybody, but we are not going to let it just completely ruin everything for us," Candace said.

If anyone has information about the stolen items, please contact the West Palm Beach Police Department.

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