Grief stricken father speaks about son killed in Afghanistan

South Florida soldier killed in Afghanistan

Joe Schiro speaks fondly of his son, also known as Joe.

"It's embarrassing as a man to say you have raised a better man than you are. I used to tease him when his was younger that he was the total package, that he could be what he wanted to be, it was up to him," said Schiro.

The 27 year old joined the Army in 2004 and was deployed to Iraq. Joe was part of the special forces, green berets. He was deployed six times overseas. Most recently, last month.

His family, scattered throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties, left behind each time. Yet, the father of three was proud to defend his country. 

"When he first went in we weren't thrilled he wanted to do it, and he loved what he did and all you could ever want for your son is to do what he loved to do," said Schiro.

Saturday night Joe's father received the call that his son and another soldier were killed in Afghanistan while on patrol. His father says Joe,  and all the men and women who died defending our country, should be honored.

"They should never be forgotten. They are there every day putting their lives on the line, giving the ultimate sacrifice for us, and my son was perfectly willing and knew the risks and loved what he did. And he did it for this country, " he said.

Through the years, Joe was awarded several medals, including the Global War on Terrorism Service medal and the Army Commendation medal.

"He was as ethical, he was as honest, as dignified, he was as caring. He was a better son than my wife and I were parents and from my heart, I feel that way. The men that are still fighting, the women that are going to fight, all of them should never ever,  they should be in our hearts every day, that's what I feel, " said Schiro.


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