Goliath Grouper gather off Jupiter inlet to spawn

"This is a unique area in that we have some of the largest aggregations of Goliath Groupers" Erick Ault, a Research Associate for FWC said.

The fascinating Goliath Groupers are local to our waters.

"You usually see them in small numbers maybe up to ten fish at a time, but then during the summer months, July through September we see them aggregate, and they do that for spawning purposes." Ault said.

JD Gaynor is a photographer for UnderwaterMoments.com in his spare time, and goes out to see the huge fish all the time "They are beautiful to see in the water, especially in that amount of numbers."

Just how big are they?

"A lot of people refer to them basically as comparable to the size of a Volkswagon Beetle, there mouth is bigger than my head!" Gaynor said.

Even though it can be scary swimming up to one, they are not dangerous.

Gaynor explains "There's no hostility, they are gentle giants. they are completely passive."

Even though it looks like there are a lot of them out there, the huge fish  are protected,

Leaving them alone will ensure this amazing phenomenon will continue for generations to come.

"We are fortunate to have in Palm Beach County, it is the only place in the world to see it, in these numbers, 20 minute boat ride from the inlet. " Gaynor finishes.

If you want to see the amazing Goliath Groupers in person, you have a couple more weeks before there numbers diminish. Contact your local dive shop.

Jupiter Dive Center

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