German reality TV show shot in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - You may not know their faces, but Colin Reichardt and William Cummings are reality television stars.

Their show, "Goodbye Deutchland," is shot in West Palm Beach.  Season one was watched by an estimated 7-15 million viewers per episode.

The show followed Colin Reichardt and his wife as they put down roots and tried to start a business selling German "kababs" at a restaurant called Doner Pocket on Clematis Street.  As many transitions go, there were some accidental missteps, making the show even more popular.

"We moved to one of the baddest [sic], or most dangerous places here in West Palm Beach," Reichardt explained. 

As the show follows, several parts of South Florida don't resemble cultural life in Germany.

"It was funny to me when people were wearing gold grills.  And I didn't really understand that part.  Sagging pants," Reichardt laughed.

That's when the entrepreneur ran into real estate broker William Cummings, whose face appears on billboards and advertisements around the area. 

"The young men came in, pointed at me, and said 'you're the guy we're looking for!'" explained Cummings.

Cummings has lived in West Palm Beach for several decades, and doesn't speak German.  He is now recognized as a star by German tourists.

"A woman about forty-five years of age ran down the sidewalk yelling out my name in English and she said, 'Mr. Cummings, I don't want to hurt you, I saw you on German TV!'" Cummings explained.

The show's cast says several times a week in West Palm Beach, they run into German families who are trying to locate them during shooting.

"Couples walking around looking for us, seeing us, talking amongst themselves," said Cummings.

Season two will soon be shot, starting in January, again in West Palm Beach.  This time, it will be a new start for the business and Reichardt's family who welcomed their baby girl at St. Mary's Hospital.

"My daughter is an American citizen and I'm happy about that," said Reichardt.

Since the show is a hit overseas in Germany, as well as Austria, Brazil and Switzerland, the cast hopes it gains popularity in the country it is shot.

"I don't think there is any show that is similar to the show that we have," Reichardt said.

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