Georgia Scordamaglia and David Weingard: Killing rattles Port St. Lucie

A neighborhood rattled tonight as a manhunt is on for a pair who may be involved in the death of a Port St. Lucie woman.
Scott Stivers is one neighbor who says what happened is changing his habits.
Friday night, he worked on his truck with the garage closed.
"Usually I'll have the door open, the radio blasting. I'll stay out here late," he said. "I'm just trying to isolate myself, in case there's somebody around here."
That somebody, or somebody's, are Georgia Scordamaglia and David Weingard.
Police say they're persons of interest in the beating death of their 52-year-old roommate, Alisa Kerman.
Kerman rented bounce-houses for children's parties.
"I bought a jungle gym from her one time. I met her once. She seemed really nice," said Stivers.
Police are looking statewide for the boyfriend and girlfriend - who may be armed with two guns missing from Kerman's house.
They're also looking for a red Chevrolet Silverado truck.
We asked Georgia's ex-husband, Shane Scordamaglia, whether she was capable of killing anyone.
"Unfortunately, yes. She's a pretty violent person when she gets angry," said Shane.
Neighbors have told us the duo seemed short on cash and are not likely to get far.
Police have said one of them may have a Tamarac connection.
But beyond that, there are few clues.
"The community needs to look at the photos, look at the pictures of the truck, copy the tag down, keep your eyes open," said Port St. Lucie Sgt. Frank Sabol.
Stivers hopes he doesn't have to live like this for long.
"It is really nice out here. It's one of the reasons why I stayed here, because it is quiet," said Stivers.
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