Gas prices up, local station owner reacts

PALM CITY, Fla. - A local gas station owner says he is also baffled by the constant change in gas prices.

Just off the Turnpike in Palm City is Michael DiTerlizzi and his multi-part business.  He owns Pure Gas and also the adjoining car repair business.

"I own a gas station, ten-minute oil change, and the tire and auto repair center," he explained.

The family has been in the oil and gas business since the 1930s.

"And every year it's the same, every year it goes up, and every year it goes down and then it goes up again, and there is always some excuse," DiTerlizzi said.

It's a blame game, he says. 

"Every time there is a hiccup in the economy, or there is a hiccup and Congress does something to negatively impact them, or there is a fire in a refinery, the price goes up ten cents the next day.  And I see no reason for that, " he said.

As a local gas station owner, DiTerlizzi says he makes about ten cents per gallon of gasoline.

"So the federal government actually makes 18.4 or 18.5 cents per gallon.  The state government makes another 18.5 cents a gallon.  The county government gets another 11 cents or so."

There are also transportation costs to get it to the local station, and credit card companies take as much as 12 cents for a $4 gallon, according to DiTerlizzi's estimate.

"So what they do is they test the market daily and they raise the price.  When they see their volume starting to lower, they lower the price.  Unfortunately for me, a Hess could go out there and sell gas at ten cents below my cost cause they own it from the well to the gas pump," he said.

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