Carl Pelini: FAU drug whistleblower applauded by students

Students at FAU are applauding a whistleblower.
It was an assistant coach who outed the head football coach at FAU for allegedly using drugs.
Carl Pelini resigned along with his defensive coordinator this week.
Assistant Coach Matt Edwards held a strategy session Friday afternoon outside the team hotel to prepare for this weekend's homecoming game.
After being asked by the athletic director for help with an investigation, Edwards testified Wednesday that on October 19, the team's bye week, he'd seen Coach Carl Pelini using marijuana in Key West.
It also said he'd seen Pelini and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis using marijuana and cocaine the previous year.
"I do admire that," said FAU Sophomore Kimberly Lawrence. "Some people would rather hide behind it rather than speak up and say something about it."
A second person named Allison Stewart, whom the athletics department says is a longtime fan but not a school employee, testified that she also saw Pelini using marijuana in Key West.
She also said she had text messages from Coach Pelini admitting he used drugs.
Those statements came Wednesday, the same day the coaches resigned. 
"Over the past few days there has been a lot of disappointment," said Michael Cepeda, a member of the student government. "He seemed like a very cool guy but hey, stuff happens, it's sad to see that happen to the school now."
Coaches did not respond to our requests for comment.
The school president called this a teachable moment for everyone on campus.
Read the documents here
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