Haunted Halloween house: West Palm Beach Family goes crazy for Halloween

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Off of Woodside Drive in West Palm Beach, one family has gone all out in the Halloween spirit. 

The Carreno family has a scary approach to Halloween.  They spend weeks preparing for a haunted house on their property.

"This is zombie land, this is where the dead people are going to be walking," explained Alex Carreno.

With glowing skeletons, a giant spider, and a cemetery, the family has constructed a multi-room structure filled with surprises. 

Mom, dad, sister and brother have roped in other members of the family and friends to create the haunted house.

"We are a very tight family, so anything that we want to do, and my mom is the first one out there," explained Viridiana Cohen, Alex's sister.

The family owns a family business painting homes and businesses.  For the last few years, they have used their creative juices to construct tombstones and a butcher's lair.

"We have paint going through our veins," explained Cohen.

Knowing haunted attractions can be pricey to attend, a few years ago, the family made their own.  Soon, the crowd started to grow, and now "friends of friends of friends" show up.  Last year, more than a hundred guests found their way through the haunted attraction.

The props are all handmade, donated or purchased, but the admission is free.  Sometimes, the family says, friends will donate a few dollars so next year's house will be even bigger.

The community is invited to the house, but the family warns, it is not the faint of heart.

The family's home is at 367 Woodside Drive in West Palm Beach.  The haunted house will be open 7-10 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31.

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