5-year-old found wandering streets, father wants answers

In Palm Beach Gardens

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla.--  Five-year-old Faith Waite got to stay home from school Friday. Her father, David Waite, is still shaken from what happened 24 hours earlier.

"I was terrified and just thinking about what could've happened, scares me to no end," said Waite.

While at work Thursday, Waite got a call from Faith's mother, letting him know the police found their daughter wandering the streets.

"I just screamed, grabbed my iPad, grabbed my keys shot out the door."

Faith was found near Alternate A1A and Gardens Parkway in Palm Beach Gardens, 1.5 miles from her school, Eisenhower Elementary, and about 5 miles from her aftercare.
"Nobody could tell me where my daughter was."

Faith usually rides the bus from school to aftercare.

Eisenhower's principal James Pegg says the school has a policy in place, where staff members know who rides what bus. Students also bring in a written note if they're not riding the bus that day.

School police are looking at surveillance cameras, but don't yet know who dropped the ball.

"An adult, some adult or a group of adults, I don't know what, somehow or another communication was broken down, negligence must've happened," said Waite.

Waite has a meeting with Principal Pegg on Tuesday.  He says he wants who ever is responsible to be held accountable.

The school district says this is an ongoing investigation and referred us to the school for answers.


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