Facebook and Politics : Is it an appropriate forum to discuss your political beliefs?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - We are less than four weeks until election day, and that means, your Facebook newsfeed is probably full of political posts! But if you flat out hate hearing about politics on Facebook, there's a tool to help get rid of it.

The Facebook filter tool is called "Social Fixer" . It will let you block key words such as politics, President Obama, Mitt Romney, etc. Social Fixer is a Facebook add-on and works on most browsers.

So, is Facebook an appropriate place to post about your political beliefs?

"It's fine amongst mature adults, but most act like two year olds crying and yelling when they can't have their way. avoid," said Boca Raton Etiquette Expert, Sherry Thomas.

When asked about using social media for political discussions, Facebook users had plenty to say. "I'd rather discuss politics than see a picture of what someone had for dinner. I think that it shows how sad this country is becoming that we would rather see mindless dribble from our friends and family, than have some decent political discourse," one person wrote.

Another wrote, "A little debate or whatever, fine, but the extremism on both sides..oy."

What do you think? Does politics have a place on Facebook ?

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