Escaping tragedy with Christmas at the beach

JUPITER, Fla. - Along the broad beaches of Jupiter on Christmas day, there is no snow shovel in sight.  A warm breeze tickles the white sands and the Osborne family is soaking up the experience.

"It's kind of relaxing, no running around," Victoria Osborne said.

The beaches feel like they are a world away from their Connecticut neighborhood which received a dusting of snow.

"I brought a little snow hat and we wanted to build a little snow man out of sand, and send it to all our friends in New York and Connecticut," she said.

Some ties to their home are proving difficult this holiday. The family lives close to Sandy Hook Elementary where the tragic shooting occurred just days ago.

"We were right down the street from where the school is, last night, everybody put 26 candles in their driveway in front of their homes," she said.

By helping out at a friend's restaurant just up the street, Victoria says she has witnessed people around the country reaching out to show support.

"A woman from Texas has called and offered to buy a random person dinner. A man had been at the bar, a gentleman who looked like he had been crying," she explained.

Victoria says she has felt some guilt about visiting Florida while so much is happening back home, but the South Florida sunshine has been a welcome relief.

"Not that you want to forget everything but kind of brings a little peace to the situation," she said.

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