Election 2012 social media tools: Track presidential polls, more with these five Election Day tools

Social media has been the place where Americans talk politics. It's also where the candidates have pushed for support since the start of their campaigns and where they go to try and sway undecided voters.

There are plenty of tools on the web to check out on Election Day to help you keep your finger on the political pulse as votes are being added up. 
Here's a list to check out:
- Presidential Donation Map : See who is donating to each candidate in South Florida. 
- Google's Politics and Elections Page : Search trends, information about each of the candidates and more. 
- 512 Paths to the White House : This is from the New York Times. It lets you check out routes to the White House through the electoral battleground. 
- Twitter Election Index:  How Twitter users feel about the candidates. 
- Washington Post's Mention Machine : This tracks the amount of times a candidate is mentioned in a tweet. 
-Extra link: Voter tracking map courtesy Huffington Post
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