Drywall settlement rejected

Some victims are rejecting a $54 million settlement proposed by a Miami-based distributor of Chinese drywall.

Hundreds of people who purchased homes built with the toxic material aren't satisfied. The settlement is the preliminary outcome of a class-action lawsuit offered by Banner Supply Company.

Attorneys estimate some 3,000 Floridians are victims, and bought homes rendered unlivable due to Chinese drywall. The settlement could divide the settlement into about $5,000 per victim.

Charles Puckett of Homestead says that amount wouldn't be enough to cover his appliances ruined by the drywall, let alone repair his home.

"It's an unbelievable nightmare, we can't sell it. It's a worthless, toxic dump," says Puckett.

Puckett and his wife live in a trailer outside their home, instead of inside with toxic drywall.

Attorneys for victims in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida are also expected to reject or formally "opt-out" of the settlement.

"We're scared, we're scared that this class-action lawsuit will turn out like so many others where victims are catastrophically injured and they get a coupon in the mail," says David Durkee, Puckett's attorney.

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