Dennis Castro: Boynton Beach officer recalls A1A chase

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Officer Dennis Castro was posted up on Monday night at the Wendy's, near the intersection of Federal Hwy. and Woolbright Rd.

He was looking out for a suspect in several armed robberies at other fast food restaurants in Lantana and Greenacres.

You have to think like a criminal sometimes," said Castro. "If I was them, what would I do, where would I go?"

The suspect's Chevrolet Avalanche never stopped.

The driver went east, over the bridge, to A1A.

"There was a stretch where the suspect was going over 85 miles an hour," said Castro.

A1A is often filled with joggers, bicyclists, and parents with children.

"I could have been walking across the street, going to the beach with my kid," said Lydeana Heobstab of Ocean Ridge.

Policies on chases are left to individual departments.

Castro says in this case, the chase was necessary because of what the subjects may have done.

"When there's weapons involved and possibly harm to the public, we go in and try to take it further and try to stop these guys," said Castro. "If they do get away, they think we got away this time, we can do it again next time."

Security guard Jerry Leone's booth, overlooking A1A, gave him a perfect view of the 2.5 mile chase.

"They just went by like zoom, zoom, zoom," he said. "I said he's never going to make that turn up there, it's like a double-S turn."

Jerry was right.

The Avalanche crashed into a power pole.

Adam Jalane, 22, of Boca Raton, was taken into custody and booked.

"All he was thinking about is himself," said Ofc. Castro.

The chase ended without injury.

The officer says if a chase is over someone who may have committed a property crime, those are often called off because property is replaceable.

Jalane was sent to jail without bond.

Police are still looking for another suspect.

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