Dash cam video shows a car striking a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on Interstate 95

He escaped with only minor injuries

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. The Florida Highway Patrol has released video which shows a car striking a trooper on I-95.

The footage, recorded on a dash cam, shows the vehicle sideswiping Daniel Morley.

It was an extremely close call for the trooper who suffered only minor injuries.

Ironically this month the Florida Highway Patrol is spotlighting the state's 'Move Over Law.' That law requires drivers to move one lane over when they spot an emergency vehicle.

"The minute you see flashing lights, whether it's a fire truck, a police car, or wrecker, you need to start taking some course of action. The 'Move Over Law' simply asks you to move over to the adjacent lane giving that emergency worker room to work," said Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tim Frith.

Law violators can face up to a $165 fine.

Traffic investigators have not released any more details about the car which struck the trooper. 

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