Convicted murderer Fred Waterfield's daughter supports David Alan Gore execution outside prison

RAIFORD, Fla. - A protester rang a bell outfitted with anti-death penalty stickers. A young woman sang hymnals over a microphone, as members of her Catholic Church joined along. A priest from Daytona spoke to the protesting crowd, which stood in a circle inside a small roped-off square.

The grassy patch across from Florida State Prison was designated for protestors speaking out against David Alan Gore's execution. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

"It's a dog and pony show. It's just a political illusion," said FADP executive director Mark Elliott.

"Two wrongs don't make one right," said Grace Jonassen, a Protestant opposed to execution for religious reasons.

Trees and state troopers separated the protestors from the supporters, who were also roped in a small square. There were far fewer supporters, and they were much quieter. They looked on toward Florida State Prison across the street.

Shauna Waterfield Green said she came out "because this guy deserves to be where he's at today." Green sat in a lawn chair next to her identical twin sister. Her father is Fred Waterfield, Gore's cousin. The two were dubbed "the killing cousins."

Green came all the way from New Hampshire to witness Gore's execution with her identical twin sister.
"He's really getting off easy. He doesn't have to die the way they did," Green said.

Her father is serving two life sentences in an Okeechobee prison for homicide and first degree murder. Waterfield raped Lynn Elliot before Gore killed her, but Green says her father is innocent.

"The day that Ms. Elliot was tragically killed, I just don't think my father ... that was a whole different situation and everything else that Gore brought him in on."

She blames Gore for her father's downfall and says today provided some closure for her. She is now vowing to fight for her father's exoneration.

"We stand behind him completely, and we're going to continue to pursue every avenue we can to ensure that justice does get done," said Green.

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