Contact 5 Investigation: Smart meters sparking concern

Right now, millions of smart meters are getting installed on homes throughout South Florida. If you don't have one yet, chances are you're going to get one very soon.

They're new wireless devices that determine how much energy you're using at home. Plus, it allows you to check your daily energy usage online.

Now there's concern from some South Florida homeowners that the installation of the meters could spark fires.

"If I had not been awake, I could've died," said a local woman. "I went over to the FPL meter and it had caught on fire, it was all black smoke," she said.

A spokesperson for Florida Power and Light said it's not a meter issue but an existing wiring issue. They also said they're isolated incidents affecting a very small percentage of customers.

The Contact 5 Investigators went searching for answers and a cause. You may be surprised at what they uncovered and what electrical parts are the homeowners responsibility.

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