Churches going high tech

Churches reaching the masses through the internet

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Trish Sardinha does not  like to miss a sermon at Calvary Church in Jupiter Farms. But, sometimes she watches her pastor preach online. Trish told us, "Throughout the week I have friends ask me about the service and what I have learned." 

It's convenient and only a click away.

"If I am on vacation I can go online and pull up the service and listen to it and catch up and know exactly what is going on, " said Trish.

More churches are going high tech as people use their computers, phones and iPads to connect to what's happening around them.

Kevin Hendrix, Calvary Church Creative Specialist said, "We offer our sermons online and the ability for you to download the message outlines, so if you are listening to it at home you can fill in the blanks just like when Pastor Dan says write this down you have this blank sheet and you can fill it in."

More and more local churches are looking to the internet to connect with the masses. 

On average, about 16-thousand people view the weekly  sermons at Christ Fellowship church in Palm Beach Gardens. The church has a fully staffed control room to broadcast the sermons. The online church reaches people around the world.

A soldier stationed in Iraq sent online pastor, David Helbig a gift to say thank you.

"I have never met him personally, I look forward to meeting him one day but he watched us all along while he was in Iraq, he brought guests along with him other soldiers and they would watch together when they had an opportunity to do so," said Helbig.

Sermons offering hope in church and online.

Calvary Church
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Christ Fellowship Church
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