Cellphone user skeptical of cancer link

Cellphone companies are required to tell the FCC how much radiation their phones spit out.

But they don't have to advertise it.

And unless the information becomes overwhelming, many people say they like their cellphones too much to even change anything.

"I don't feel like I could part with it," said cellphone user Anthony Serifsoy.

Christopher Johncke runs a cellphone repair company in Lake Park, and says customers often ask about radiation.

He says it's information that cellphone companies seem to keep quiet.

He says there's nothing about radiation on the main tech spec pages of the iPhone or HTC Evo, two popular cell phone models.

"They're going to try sticking to their guns. This is the best phone on the market, it has the most features. Not, this is the best phone on the market, and it has the highest SAR level," said Johncke.

Still, he doesn't consider a report by the World Health Organization overly alarming.

It says cellphones possibly cause cancer, and lumped them in with 200 other potential hazards, like car exhaust and pesticides.

"I'm just going to live my life and enjoy it, and all the conveniences that we have available to us," said Cheryl Hoffman of Delray Beach.

There's at least one person who wasn't surprised by the WHO's report.

"I have always thought that this was possible, so I'm very careful with my phone," said Patricia Rolnz.

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