Businesses save Ft. Pierce fireworks show

At Uncle Carlo's Gelato on the Fort Pierce waterfront, while colorful tubs of gelato sit in the display case, more are in a back freezer.  With thousands coming to Marina Square Monday night for the fireworks show, Carlo Sacco and his wife Stacey are getting ready for the busiest day of the year.  But business could have melted down on this holiday weekend if not for a group of other city businesses coming through in a pinch.

Two weeks ago, there was no money for a fireworks show.  But Main Street Fort Pierce, working with the mayor and downtown businesses, stepped up to cover almost the entire $20,000 cost.

"It shows that we have a lot of community support here in Fort Pierce and that the people wanted this and we're happy to put it on for them," said Pam Gillette with Main Street Fort Pierce.

That community spirit was noticed nationally last month.  Main Street Fort Pierce was one of five cities presented with a Great American Main Street award.  Events like Monday's "Stars Over St. Lucie" emphasize the importance of downtown.

"I think it rallies everybody together and its a patriotic day and its time for us to be proud of our city and we're proud of Fort Pierce," said Gillette.

At Uncle Carlo's, they're ready to scoop up some big business.

"They'll be lined out the door and we'll be here until approximately 10:30-11 at night and we love every minute of it, it's an upbeat event," said Stacey Sacco.