Bite-sized fast food trend: Popular fast food chains offering 'down-sized' portions

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - As Americans strive to be healthier and make better choices, super-sized orders are sharing the spotlight with some new fare.

Fast food chains across America are now offering more smaller bites, but are they smaller in calories?  Nutritional menus from the chains' websites show, diners can weigh caloric options.

Pizza Hut is the latest restaurant to offer down-sized items on the menu. 

Miniature pizzas called "Big Pizza Sliders" come in groups of three to nine per order. 

The chain's website reports that each slider has 230 to 350 calories depending on toppings. 

This is comparable to the calories in one slice of pizza. 

A large slice of supreme pizza on a hand-tossed pie weighs in at 340 calories.

McDonald's is also offering up smaller food portions, launching "Fish McBites." 

The bite-sized order has 370 calories.  A regular-size cheeseburger from the chain has 300 calories, according to its website.  A Filet-o-Fish sandwich has 390 calories.

Wendy's "Right Size Right Price Menu" offers a small-sized Original Chocolate Frosty with 300 calories. 

Large French fries from the chain weigh in at 530 calories.  A Junior Cheeseburger from the same chain has 290 calories.

Burger King's new "Molten Fudge Bites" have 330 calories per serving.  A sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich from the chain has 320 calories.

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