Bank of America not blocking gun and ammunition transactions

There is a rumor making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter that Bank of America is blocking transactions of guns and ammunition.

The controversy began when a gun maker took to Facebook to claim that the bank withheld his company's money because of his business.

A Bank of America spokesperson released the following statement to NewsChannel 5: "This customer's concerns have been resolved.  A spike in transaction volumes is routinely reviewed by the bank in order to protect our customers and is done regardless of the industry in which they do business.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused."

"Bank of America credit and debit cards can be used when presented at retail locations where major credit cards are accepted,"  BOA also responded to NewsChannel 5 in a tweet.

As for Bank of America customers reportedly cancelling accounts because of the controversy, the bank claims that is not true either. 


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