Baby Isaac born at Saint Mary's Medical Center

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Roselyn Medrano cherishes the times she has with her new baby.

He was born prematurely Tuesday at two a.m., weighing three pounds three ounces.

"They allow me to take him out, but right now he is on fluids and he is under the light so I can't take him out so much," she said.

The baby boy is well known on the maternity floor at Saint Mary's Medical Center because of his name. It's Isaac.

Roselyn said, "They think I named him after the storm, but that was his name before the storm. It's a biblical name and I was looking for a name for a boy or for a girl once I knew I was pregnant and I like Isaac. Isaac he was and then they announced Isaac was coming and there he was and Isaac came."

Baby Isaac's due date was October 25th.

Lori Matich, administrative director of St. Mary's  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, says it's not unusual for mothers to give birth when a storm is approaching.

"During the storm when the pressure drops, the moms will roll in and those babies are ready to be born. So we know when there is a storm coming, it's going to get busy here."



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