Baby giraffe turns one one month old

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Binti the baby giraffe, Lion Country Safari's newest addition, has turned one month old.

Jennifer Berthiaume from Lion Country Safari says, "Binti means young lady in Swahili and that name was created from our wildlife team."

And it looks like mom, Alice, and dad, Wilt, will have their hands…uhh…necks full "She is a little more active than some of the other young giraffes we have here…she's very attentive." Berthiaume says.

The first of the spring, Binti was born with an audience. "There was quite a line lining up to see her being born. The birthing process was easily over two hours before she was actually fully out. So the guests got to see that. It was a neat experience."

Everyone cheered as Binti stood up for the first time. At six-foot-two, she's just a little shorty compared to her 18-and-a-half foot dad, Wilt.

And if Binti eats her fruits and vegetables, she can grow up real big like Charlotte, another giraffe at Lion country who is 14-and-a-half feet tall!

Berthiaume says, "Within the first year of Binti's life we anticipate that she may be around 600 pounds and 10 feet tall."

Binti won't be the only baby giraffe at the park, she will have some young friends to play with like Bahkari, Tuli, and Azizi. And of course, anyone who wants to come out and say hi.

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