Artist gives new restaurant unique flavor

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Artist Patch Whisky has a name as unique as his art.

"I paint on about anything."

The decor at the new Mellow Mushroom restaurant reflects that style.  There are painted dragons, orb-like painted heads and mannequins in a rainbow of colors.

"My thing is space, aliens, monsters, you know, rainbow monsters," he said.

With help from two artists friends, the work has been fast and furious for three weeks. 

"Yeah, this is what you would call a dream job.  This is what I've spent my life trying to get to, this moment," he said.

The restaurant is a franchise.  There are more than 140 stores, the decor is not the same in any two of them.  Artists are selected to give their take in a way that is appropriate to the environment outside the restaurant.

"I've been doing the tour of South Florida for the last two years, and they are really in to vibrant colors and stuff.  And I think my work really attracts this type of environment," Whisky said.

While there is a plan, the artists do a lot of the work in an impromptu fashion, doing what they call "freestyle" painting.

"The next couple of days we'll be running around, we'll be on ladders, painting on the bar, on top of the bar, we're going to finish the 200 foot ribbon and finish the mannequins," he said.

The restaurant opens Monday January 14th in City Place.  The decor, like the pizza, is made to order.

"It's more unique and special i think, it's signature."

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